Redfern loves…


As the month of love has drawn to a close, it seems appropriate to reflect on the things that Redfern loves.


  1. Redfern loves labels.


This one might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but our love for labels should not go underestimated. From teachers packs of stars and hearts, to well-known food and beverage labels, to wall art, to fruit packaging stickers and custom design work we are unbelievably proud and excited about the labels that we have to offer. Not only is our product range far-reaching, but it is also ever-dynamic and constantly being updated and added to. Redfern loves labels. Our staff live and breathe labels. And if you’re one of customers, we hope that our passion for labels sticks with you a little ;)


  1. Redfern loves its family.


Redfern is well known for its incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere.  The fun family dynamic of our staff fills our building with laughter and approachability on all fronts. At Redfern, we love each other and care about each other which makes our work all the more enjoyable and makes all who work with us feel incredibly comfortable and well looked after. Redfern is so much more than business, it’s a family.


  1. Redfern loves South Africa.


Since our establishment in 1990, Redfern has journeyed with the struggle and incredible transformation of our beautiful country. We have cried and celebrated with the people of South Africa over the years and we appreciate and support the on-going strive for equality and freedom that takes place on a daily basis in our country. Redfern is an all-inclusive business and is actively aware of trying to make a difference in the way that we trade and operate in wider society.


  1. Redfern loves its customers.


Redfern would be nothing without the loyal support of our amazing customers. Some of you have been with us since the beginning and we continue to welcome new people to our client base every day. It makes us exceptionally happy to journey with you through your label needs –whether it be a longer term custom design project, or a quick school shopping trip we love building relationships with all who need Redfern labels in their home lives and businesses. Redfern has some of the most outstanding client feedback and we are so proud to be able to serve, satisfy and impress all of you.


  1. Redfern loves YOUR input.


As an ever-growing and dynamic business, we eagerly invite feedback from our wider community. If you have had any experience with Redfern, we would love to hear about it. If you have any ideas of how we could better meet your needs, we would love to hear about it. At the end of the day, we are here to serve and accommodate you, so what can we do for you? (Please contact via our website or Facebook page).



We hope to have given you a little glimpse of a few of the things that Redfern loves! Watch this space for more fun and interesting articles about Redfern.

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