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“Progress is impossible without change”. George Bernard Shaw’s quote certainly rings true at Redfern and throughout the South African markets today. While change does push us beyond our comfort zones, the growth that it brings can be phenomenal if it is approached with solidarity and a positive attitude. This has been especially true of Redfern’s journey online.


“As South African consumers become more familiar with the online environment and mobile and broadband penetration increase across South Africa, we see the online spend rise” says Financial 24. The MasterCard Worldwide Online Shopping Survey showed a steady increase, not only in the amounts spent on online shopping but also the number of actual shoppers online. This is due to the increased accessibility and familiarity of many in regard to the internet. Many associate the long-term economic growth of South Africa with technological progress. While getting infrastructure in place to create accessibility for a greater number of South Africans might be a slow process, it is nevertheless a process that is in motion.


Redfern is a promoter of growth –we know this well as our company humbly started from the boot of an old car. Due to our steady growth over the past decades, Redfern unpretentiously boasts a long-standing knowledge of the label industry and understands what label consumers in South Africa want and need. As a result of our care for our clients, our passion for selling labels and our duty to keep up-to-date with societal trends Redfern is proud to have joined the community of online traders.


Preparing to trade online has been a long and exciting chapter in our Redfern story. Our newly designed website beautifully reflects the hard work and innovation that made this sensational project come to be. May our online store make your Redfern experience a smooth, easy and accessible one. Here’s to a future of successful change and growth –we’re so glad that you’re along for the ride!


-Jess Elliott

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