Introduction to printing customised labels

Self-adhesive labels have the power to complete the look of products, make products clearly stand out and serve as a selling point, an advertisement and a means of conveying information.

Although a relatively low cost item, labels are not only important for legality purposes but are an excellent way of promoting products or services.

We supply a range of self-adhesive labels with various glue types for the appropriate application. When deciding on the best label type, the following questions should be considered:

  • What is the label going to be applied to?
  • Is the label going to be machine- or hand-applied?
  • For what length of time doesthe label need to remain on the product?
  • Under what conditions is the label going to be used? (On frozen products, dry products, etc.)
  • Do you want to print onto the customised label?


Our customisable roll form label offering includes:

  • Blank roll form labels
  • Pre-printed roll form labels
  • A wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes
  • Various levels of adhesiveness and durability